Description :
Digital photographs in JPEG format, RGB colour space, 300 ppi
Images are saved at high quality setting after minor corrections (noise, levels)
Making :
These panoramic photos are made by stitching and blending together several high resolution individual images. Images of this format are ideal for advertisement or website banners.
Pricing :
Images are licensed and priced according to the final use. For any unlisted use, please contact me. JPEG purchases are non-refundable.
Copyright :
Images remain under copyright after purchase and may not be re-sold. Any unlicensed use of these images is subject to prosecution according to European and international copyright legislation.
Delivery :
An un-marked file will be sent by email, within 2 working days, along with the license in PDF format (download sample).

Model         Product Image Item Name Price
PD-P-10 Sunset at La Mora - JPEG

Sunset at La Mora - JPEG

Sunset at La Mora, Catalonia, Spain 5400 x 2000 pixels
€ 50.00

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