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The English word 'Germany' comes from the Latin word Germania, which came into use after Julius Caesar adopted it from a Gallic word for the peoples east of the Rhine. It could have meant 'neighbour', or 'men of forests'. Many regions in Germany have their own dialect, for example Swabian (Schwäbisch) in the region around Stuttgart.


Sonnenuntergang : Von meiner Wohnung in Stuttgart


Stuttgart panorama

View of Stuttgart from the Fernsehturm (more panoramas)


Munich - der Dom

München : der Dom von der Frauenkirche ausgesehen


Schloss Hohenzollern
Schloss Hohenzollern

Schloss Hohenzollern (more castles photos)


Berlin - der Dom

Berlin : der Dom und der Tiergarten von dem Fernsehturm ausgesehen





Marbach Schwaben

Row of medieval houses in Marbach (Schwaben)
( hometown of the German writer Schiller )


Landschaft Baden-Wurtemberg

Irgendwo in Baden-Wurtemberg



Bayern : Bertschesgaden (Königsee)


Fasching stuttgart

Fasching im Stuttgart
(more celebrations from around the world)



Partial eclipse of the sun (12.10.96)


Trier Cathedral

Trier Cathedral (romanesque architecture)



Hale-Bopp comet (13.04.97) from my appartment window (400 ASA, 30 seconds)
(more photos by night)



Heidelberg (more bridges photos)


Köln rooftops

Köln roof-tops seen from the cathedral spire


Schloss Lüdwigsburg

Lüdwigsburg Schloss (near Stuttgart) - (more castles photos)





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