Photos from Yorkshire, the White Rose County

York was founded as the Roman fortress of Eboracum. After they left, small Celtic kingdoms arose in Yorkshire until the Angles expelled the last Celtic king in the early 7th Century and revived Eboracum as the Anglo-Saxon trading port of Eoforwic. The Danes conquered it and renamed it Jórvík, from which today's name York is derived. The County is one of the greenest in England, thanks to the vast stretches of unspoiled beautiful countryside in the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors.

malham cove

Malham cove : limestone cliff 80 metres high and 300 metres wide


hadrian wall milecastle 42 Cawfields

Hadrian's wall : milecastle 42 at Cawfields


hardraw force waterfall

Hardraw Force waterfall in Wensleydale


yorkshire dales

Stone walls and sheeps in the Yorkshire Dales


Ingleton waterfall

Ingleton waterfall
(more waterfalls photos)


Ingleton hill

Hill near Ingleton


village of dent in yorkshire

Stone houses in the village of Dent



Street of Scarborough


york cathedral

Cathedral of York






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