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The name 'England' is derived from the Old English name 'Engla land', which means 'land of the Angles', one of the Germanic tribes who settled during the 5th and 6th centuries after the Romans had left the island. The Angles (along with other tribes like the Saxons and the Jutes) gradually pushed the Celtic inhabitants to the West (Wales, Cumbria, Cornwall) and further to Brittany and Galicia. In 1066, England was conquered by William the Conquerer from the Duchy of Normandy, a fief of the Kingdom of France. The Normans (who originated from Scandinavia) introduced feudalism and set up castles across England as they united the small Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

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(Preston, Blackpool, and around)
(Yorkshire dales, York, the coast)
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The North East
The South
(London, Oxford, Cambridge)
The Lake District
(hills and lakes of Cumbria)



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