Photos from Norway

Although some medieval texts attribute the name to a mythical King Nórr, it is more widely considered to be derived from Old Norse 'norðvegr', meaning 'the northern route'. The rugged Atlantic coastline is broken by deep, impressive fjords and thousands of islands. The mountainous inland is rich in glaciers and waterfalls.

narvik fjord

Fjord near Narvik (north of Norway)



Voss waterfall, Sognefjord
(more waterfalls)





norway sunset

...a sunset that melts into a sunrise ...


trondheim harbour

Boats in Trondheim harbor



Prekestolen, 600m above the fjord


Gol Stavkirke

Gol Stavkirke (church made with standing wood)


glacier norway

Glacier in Norway


norway mountain

Small lake in the south of Norway


south norway

little red houses on the south coast





  Northern Europe

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