Photos from Sweden (Svealand)

The word for Sweden in Swedish, Sverige, comes from 'Svea Rike', the kingdom of the Svear, a North-Germanic tribe based in the region around Uppsala (still called today Svealand). Their religious center and political centre was in today's Gamla Uppsala, whose archeological heritage testifies from these ancient times. As the influence of the Svear grew over the centuries, their land slowly evolved into the modern Swedish nation.

See also the photos from northern Sweden (Norrland).

uppsala castle

Uppsala castle
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Uppsala river

Along the river near Uppsala


Uppsala cathedral

Uppsala cathedral


swedish red house

Little red house in the snow near Uppsala


typical traditional swedish house

Another example of traditional wooden house in the snow near Uppsala


uppsala ekoln frozen winter

Lake Ekoln (northern end of Lake Mälaren) frozen in winter, near Uppsala


archipelago stockholm

The Archipelago just outside Stockholm


traditional swedish house

Can it be more swedish ?
(who said "... what about the surströmming..." .. ?..)


uppsala countryside

Dark clouds over a sunlit field near Uppsala


snow sunset

Sunset light on snow with trees shadows


sunset snow

Sunset colours  on a snow field


swedish sunset

Sunset from my flat, one evening...


svenska hus

House and trees in the swedish autumn...


walpurgis uppsala river race

Valborg or Walpurgis (30th April) in Uppsala :
students build some rafts and race down the Fyris river
(see more celebrations from around the world here)


ice flowers

Frost on stigs


snowy footpath

Forest footpath  


gripsholm castle

Gripsholm castle
(see more castles pictures)








gamla stan

Stockholm : the old town (Gamla Stan)








sweden lake falun

Quiet lake in the Falun area



Falun mining town, where the red paint, based on a copper residue, comes from.





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