Photos from Switzerland

The name of the country comes from 'Schwyz' one of the Waldstätten cantons which formed the nucleus of the Old Swiss Confederacy. The toponym itself is thought to come from 'suedan' (to burn in Old High German), referring to the area of forest that was burned and cleared to build. Switzerland encompasses a great diversity of landscapes of high mountains, beautiful lakes, forested hills and pasture.

lausanne et lac leman

Lausanne and lake Léman
seen from Thollon-Les-Mémises (French side of the lake)


melchsee schweiz

Church by the Melchsee in the Alps



mountain scenery near the Melchsee Lake in the Swiss Alps


Bern switzerland

Bern : the main street



Neuchatel (note the pattern made by the coloured tiles on the roof of the church)



Zurich aerial view


fribourg suisse

A view of Fribourg


fountain lake geneva

Genf / Geneva / Genève : The Jet d’Eau fountain on the Lac Léman





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