Photos from Bosnia

The country's name comes from the two regions Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia occupies the northern areas and Herzegovina occupies just the south part of the country around Mostar. The country is mostly mountainous, quite green and forested. The south has a more mediteranean climate. These photos date from 2003, when the scars of the war were still visible and the reconstruction of bridge in Mostar was not yet completed.

Bihac bosnia






Sarajevo river

Sarajevo : bridge over the Miljacka river


sarajevo old turkish center

Sarajevo : the old Turkish city centre


mostar bridge

Mostar :the old bridge was destroyed during the war.
Now rebuilt with Turkish expertise, it was still in reconstruction in 2003


Mostar bridge

Mostar saw some heavy fighting during the war.
This street divided the Bosnian muslim and the Bosnian croats communities.
Some buildings still bore the scars in 2003 (left)


Mostar old town

Mostar : the old and charming muslim part of town


neretva river

The Neretva river and the old town of Mostar





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