Photos from Malta

Malta is an group of islands in the central Mediterranean Sea, which were formed from the high points of a land bridge between Sicily and North Africa during the last Ice Age. The most commonly accepted root of the name Malta is the Greek word μελι (meli), 'honey'. Another etymology is the Phoenician word Maleth meaning 'a haven' in reference to Malta's many bays and coves.

Mdina malta

The medieval city of Mdina


Mdina street

Narrow street in Mdina


Mdina house

House in Mdina



Floriana : the harbour (Pieta Creek)



Valletta : small boats along Grand Harbour


malta bus

Valletta : many old buses remain, shiny and well maintained


tunisian music

Valletta : musicians from Tunisia

Tunisian music


fruit stall malta

Valletta : colourful fruit stall at the market


golden sands

Golden sands beach (view from my hotel room in fact)


halo around the sun

Halo around the sun


ship malta

St Paul's bay : boat excursion
(we had two boats, two teams and some water canons.... )


golden sands

Golden Sands Beach : performers during the evening beach party





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