Photos from New-York

The region was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans when it was discovered in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazzano, a Florentine explorer in the service of the French crown. He named it 'Nouvelle Angoulême'. In 1614, the Dutch founded a fur trading settlement, later called 'Nieuw Amsterdam', on the southern tip of Manhattan. The city only took its final name when the English took it in 1664.


Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry



Manhattan by night seen from Brooklyn (see more night photos)



looking up in Manhattan


car park manhattan

Manhattan car park


little italy

Restaurant in "Little Italy" (Manhattan)


rockefeller tower

View from Rockefeller tower at dusk
looking south towards the Empire State Building


jacques marchais

The Jacques Marchais Tibetan centre on Staten Island


manhattan park

Park in Manhattan


brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn bridge (see more photos of bridges)


astor court metropolitan

The Astor Court in the Metropolitan Museum
(replica of a Ming style scholar's garden)


new jersey

Sunset reflecting on Manhattan buildings
view from the New Jersey side of the Hudson river


manhattan fireworks

Fireworks over the Hudson river
on the occasion of Fleet week (sailors returning to port)
(see more night photos)


central park

Bridge in Central Park (see more photos of bridges)


staten island ferry

South tip of Manhattan and Staten Island ferry


greenwhich village archguitar

In Greenwhich village :
archguitar player



north cove

Harbour (North Cove) and World Financial Center


china town

Shop stall in China Town


time square

Time Square


world trade center

Ground Zero : the site of the World Trade Center
where the Twin Towers used to stand


long-island from the sky

The south coast of Long-Island before landing in JFK
(more photos from planes here)





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