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Brittany has its roots in the Celtic tribes from current Great-Britain which in the late fifth century emigrated to Armorica with their customs and language. Brittany remained independent until 1532, when the Edict of Union attached it to the kingdom of France. The Breton language is related to Cornish and Welsh. Although it suffered from the French state centralism after the 2nd World War, the language is experiencing a revival since the 70s.

Côte sud Ria d'Etel Côte de Granit Rose
Menhirs - dolmens Canaux Fontaines
Monts d'Arrée Environs de Rennes Rennes
Cap Sizun Golfe du Morbihan Brocéliande
photos de groix pays de retz photos du leon
Ile de Groix Pays de Retz Le Léon
Manoirs - Châteaux Brière Côte Nord
Centre Chapelles Nantes
Presqu'île de Crozon Vallée du Blavet Pays de Guérande
Ports Villes et bourgs Alignements de menhirs
Belle-Ile Calvaires

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