Photos from France: les Corbi�res

The name Corbi�res comes from latin : Corvaria (crows nest) or roca curva (curvy rock). The region displays pretty villages, vineyards, rivers and many castles because it was often fortified throughout history (arab invasions, border with Aragon, Catharism)

saint laurent de cabrerisse riviere nielle

Rivière Nielle près de St Laurent de la Cabrerisse


lagrasse corbieres

Village de Lagrasse


lagrasse corbières nuit

Village de Lagrasse de nuit


chateau cathare de durfort

Château Cathare : Durfort


papillion swallowtail macaon

Papillon : Flambé (Scarce swallowtail butterfly) - see more photos of insects


chateau cathare de peyrepertuse

Château Cathare de Peyrepertuse


whitehead eagle aigle tete blanche

Aigle à tête blanche (au château de Peyrepertuse)
(autres photos d'oiseaux)


rivière marmite de geant duilhac verdouble

Gorges du Verdouble près de Duilhac


marmite de geant verdouble

"Marmite de Géants" : trous d'eau dans les gorges du Verdouble





  Photos from France

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