Photos from the Burren

In this part of County Clare, stone is everywhere : in the landscape, stone walls, dolmens. The word Burren comes from the Irish An Bhoireann, the land of stones.

burren landscape

Limestone landscape


burren rock

the rocks in the Burren have been carved by rainwater into some unusual shapes


dry-stone wall

section of dry-stone wall


burren flower spring gentian

Spring gentian (gentiana verna) - more flowers


burren flower orchid

Early purple orchid (orchis mascula) - more flowers


burren flower violet

Common dog-violet (viola riviniana)- more flowers



Poulnabrone Megalithic Tomb (dolmen). See also menhirs and dolmens in Brittany


burren panorama

Panorama of the Burren (see more panoramas)


macro snail shell

Macro of the shell of a snail





  Photos from Ireland

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