Photos from Galway

The city takes its name from river Gaillimh, which means stony as in 'stony rive'r. Today, the river is commonly called the River Corrib, after Lough Corrib, just to the north. The city dates from 1124 when the 'D˙n Bhun na Gaillimhe' (Fort at the Mouth of the Gaillimh) was constructed by the King of Connacht. Today, it's regarded as the most pleasant city in Ireland thanks to the charm of its old town center, its wonderful atmosphere and its location near the sights of the west-coast (Connemara and Co. Clare).

galway docks and harbour

Galway docks


spanish arch galway

The Spanish Arch and the remnant of Galway's medieval city walls


flowers galway river

Flowers along the Gaillimh river (River Corrib)
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heron galway

Heron scanning the Galway river for some lunch
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panorama galway

Row of houses of the Galway sea front
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galway cathedral

Galway cathedral and the river





  Photos from Ireland

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