Photos from Cork city

The name Cork is the English form of the Irish Corcaigh, from corcach meaning 'swamp'. Cork was originally a monastic settlement founded by Saint Finbarr in the 6th century, and it achieved an urban character at some point between 915 and 922 when Vikings founded a trading port. The city is built on the River Lee which divides into two channels at the western end of the city.

rising moon over cork city

Rising moon over Cork city
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cork city, river lee

River Lee at night, Pope's Quay from the pedestrian bridge
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UCC campus

on the UCC (University Campus) in Cork


ucc panorama

panoramic view of the oldest building of UCC (University College of Cork)
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St Finnbare's cathedral

St Finbarre's Cathedral : by day ...


St Finnbare's cathedral

...and by night, reflecting in the southern channel of river Lee



Stain-glass window in St Finbarre's Cathedral


cork city gaol

Cork historical jail museum (City Gaol)


cork beamish factory

The front of the Beamish factory building (with Munster flags)
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river lee mardyke cork

Sunrise over river Lee along the Mardyke walkway





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