Photos from near Cork

Cork Harbour is the natural harbor formed by the estuary of the River Lee and is home to the town of Cobh (pronounced Cove), with its colorful houses and rich maritime history. A little north is Fota, a great botanical and wildlife park

fota botanical garden

Fota botanical garden



Tritoma in Fota botanical garden (more photos of flowers)


mullinhassig waterfall

Mullinhassig waterfall
(more photos of waterfalls)


only in ireland

only in Ireland you can sign with a speed limit of 80 kph on very small roads
Here, there's a narrow bridge, and a sharp bend, where you have to switch to 1st gear
Also, 20 m in my back, so before this sign, there's a junction... !
And you know what ? at the back of this sign 80 kph, it says 60 kph... !


cobh from the ferry

Cobh taken from the Brittany ferry leaving for Roscoff


Cobh cathedral

Stain glass and organ in Cobh cathedral


rainbow green fields ireland

Rainbow above green fields (near Kinsale)



Cobh : harbour view (actually a stitching of 3 photos)


cork harbour from the plane

Cork harbour, Cobh, Passage West seen from the plane


sunset from Cobh

Sunset from Cobh over an abandonned pier
(see more sunset photos)


countryside Cork

Hills north of Cork


East Ferry (Cobh island)

East Ferry (Cobh island)


Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle (more castles photos)





  Photos from Ireland

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