Photos from County Clare

County Clare is known for beautiful natural scenery (Cliffs of Moher, Spanish Point, the Burren etc...), for its strong history of traditional music, and for its prehistoric heritage, visible today in the form of ancient dolmen and megalithic tombs (for example Poulnabrone dolmen in the Burren).

sunset county clare

Swans in the sunset near Finnavara


aerial view of county clare coast

The coast of Co. Clare from the plane (more views from the sky)


clare hollywell coleman

Saint Coleman (or Colman) holly well (under Eagle Rock).
There are also many such holy springs in Brittany


cliffs of moher

Cliffs of Moher at sunset during a storm (more photos of sunset)


cliff of moher

Cliff of Moher on a stormy day. The wind was so strong,
that the water streaming down the cliff was blown back up in the air (top right)


Quin Abbey

Quin (Cuinche) Abbey - a bit east from Ennis


burren panorama

Panorama of the Burren (more panoramas)



Leamaneh Castle
(see more castles pictures)



Lahinch : it was very windy so the waves were great !!


Spanish Point

View from Spanish Point


county clare

Co. Clare scenery


irish pub music

Irish music sample : Irish music
(extract from Celtic Breeze, not an actual recording from the pub)
Pub in Doolin





  Photos from Ireland

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