Photos from Connemara

'Connemara' derives from the tribal name Conmacne Mara, which designated a branch of the Conmacne, an early tribal grouping that had a number of branches located in different parts of Connacht. Since this particular branch of the Conmacne lived by the sea, they became known as the Conmacne Mara. (Sea in Irish is muir, genitive mara, hence 'of the sea'. The beautiful coast of Connemara consists of many peninsulas, fjords or natural harbours and many islands. The mountains of the Twelve Bens occupy the center of Connemara.

connemara sky road panorama

Panorama along the Sky Road near Clifden



Roundstone Harbour



Bluebell fowers on Mweenish / Maínis island


mweenish island

looks like Brittany but it's on Mweenish / Maínis island


stone wall conneramara

Heather and stone wall on Mweenish / Maínis island


sky road

The Twelve Bens from the Sky Road, near Kill


dogs bay

Dogs Bay from the hill near Roundstone



Rainbow near Lettermullan on Gorumna Island


between Galway and Clifden

On the road between Galway and Clifden
(see a painting from this photo)


between Galway and Clifden

Also on the road between Galway and Clifden
(See also a panoramic view from the same spot


Clifden harbour

Clifden harbour at low tide



Gorse and a bench, near Clifden


Killary harbour

Leenaun, Killary harbour


near clifden

south of Clifden (see more panoramas photos)


arann island

Cliffs on Arannmore (Arann Island)





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