Galleries of photos of animals

cows vaches

Cows quatuor (Audubon marshes, near Nantes, Brittany)


chevaux en bretagne

Two horses wondering about the photographer(Brittany)


frog grenouille green verte

Green frog on a green lilly leaf (University Park in Barcelona)


salamander black and yellow

Black and yellow "fire" salamander (Catalonia)



Donkeys on Blasket island, Kerry (Ireland)



Seal near Tra Mor beach on Blasket island, Kerry (Ireland)


camels gobi desert mongolia

Wild camels in the Gobi desert (Mongolia)


orca killer whale spain

Orca (killer whale) in Andalucia (Spain)


zebra fota wildlife park

Zebra in Fota Wildlife Park (near Cork, Ireland)



Jellyfish in Bantry Harbour (Ireland)



Seals near Glengarriff (Ireland)





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