This modest page will eventually display interesting additions : a telescope whose mirror will be 30 cm (12") in diameter is being developed. But don't hold your breath, it is a long process. These pages about the construction of the telescope will allow you to follow the progress of this ambitious project.


moon eclipse 27 september 2015

Eclipse of the Moon on the 27th of September 2015, seen from Brittany at about 5am.


moon venus jupiter 01 december 2008

The moon, Venus and Jupiter (top right) on 1st Dec. 2008


nightsky moon digital camera

The first quarter of the moon and 2 next nights with the 10x zoom (1/30s - F 7.1 -80 ISO)
Clearly visible are the Mare Serenetatis and Mare Tranquillitatis


hale-bopp comet

Hale-Bopp comet (13.04.97) from my appartment window (400 ASA, 30 seconds) - Stuttgart (Germany)


pic du midi la nuit

Coupole du téléscope de 60 cm sur fond de nuages que la lumière de la Lune parvient juste à percer
The dome of the 60 cm telescope, on a background of clouds that let moonlight shine through
(Pic du Midi Observatory, France)





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