Photos of flowers (2)

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burren flower orchid

Early purple orchid (orchis mascula) - The Burren, Ireland


red rose flower

Red rose (UCC campus, Cork, Ireland)



Rosebud after the rain (UCC campus, Cork, Ireland)


andalucia flower fig-marigold

Ficoïde - fig-marigold flower (or ice-plant) in Andalucia (Spain)


red rose

Red rose in full bloom (UCC campus, Cork, Ireland)



Montbressia (Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland)


wild roses

Wild roses and fushia on the coast just south of Cork (Ireland)


greece flowers

in Greece



Tillandsia cyanea


croatia flower

in Veli-Losinj (Croatia)



Fushia (Ireland)




Tritoma (Fota botanical garden, near Cork, Ireland)


covered with flowers

the ground covered with flowers on the West coast of Ireland


pink flower

Close-up on small pink flowers (Ireland)


poppies coquelicots

Popies in wheat fields in Andalucia (Spain)


close-up flower

close-up view on small thrift flowers on the West coast of Ireland


cape clear flowers

Roses on a stone wall, Cape Clear (Ireland)


blasket island flowers

Flowers overlooking the sea on Blasket Island (Ireland)


frost flower

Flowers made of frost in winter in Sweden


laos flower

Flowers in the shell of a bomb, used as a vase (Laos)


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