Close-up photography

macro flower water drops

Flowers through water drops


romanesco fractal macro

Fractal forms of the romanesco brocoli (a kind of cauliflower)


macro water drop

Drop of rain water


ant macro

Ant on a spring gentian petal (the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland)
(more photos of insects)


Dandelion puff close-up

Macro of a dandelion puff


pink flower macro

Close-up on small pink flowers (Ireland)


macro water drops

Drops on a leaf (Ireland)


damselfly macro close up



macro snail shell

Empty shell of a snail


macro nature

one these things so common you don't know the name
if you do, drop me a message


lady bird close up

Lady bird (Ireland) - more insects photos


snail shell macro

shells on a beach in Ireland


hoverfly close up

Hoverfly on flowers (Ireland)


water drop close up

Diamond of water


flower rhododendron macro

close-up on a rhodendron flower





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