Photos with reflection in water

castle la bretesche

La Bretesche castle in Brittany (XIV century, destroyed during the French revolution, rebuilt XIV century)


reflets rochers sillon du talbert

Rocks reflecting in a pool near the Sillon du Talbert (North Coast of Brittany)


autumn canal nantes brest josselin

Autumn colours on the canal from Nantes to Brest (river Oust) in Josselin (Brittany)


swan reflecting in water

Swan reflecting in Kinsale Harbour (Ireland) - more photos of birds


reflection of boats

Refection of masts - Port-Argelès (France)


canal ile-rance bretagne

Reflections in the evening light along the Ile-Rance canal near Betton (Brittany)


Torrent de Pareis

Cliffs reflecting in the water : Torrent de Pareis (Mallorca, Spain)


dublin liffey

The Customs House reflecting in the Liffey river, Dublin (Ireland)
(more night photos)



Kashan (Iran) : Tradional house "Khan-e Tabatabei"


mardyke walk

Sunrise rays through the trees along the Mardyke Walk (Cork, Ireland)



Yerevan (Armenia) : the central square (Hanrapetutyan Hraparak)
- more photos by night, autres photos de nuit


van vieng mountains reflexions

Near Van-Vieng (Laos)


reflections roman bath england

Roman baths in the city of Bath (England)



Gdansk (Poland) - (more photos by night, autres photos de nuit)



Canoeing on the Saarijärvi (Finland)


bridge reflection

Bridge in the Summer Garden, Beijing (China)
(see more photos of bridges)


Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake, Yosemite Nat. Park (California)


tibet lake

in Amdo Province of Tibet (Western Sichuan, China)



Tabriz (Iran) : Elgoli Park



Seoul, Korea


karakul lake

The Mustagata mountain reflecting in Lake Karakul (Pamir mountains, Xinjiang, China)


Preston to Lancaster canal

Along the Preston to Lancaster canal (England)


River Lee

River Lee in Cork (Ireland)


Yangshuo river reflection

River Li, Yangshuo (Guangxi province, South-West China)



In Dedinki, Slovensky Raj (Slovakia)





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