Sunset photography (page 1)

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sunrise on the costa brava

Sunrise on the Costa Brava (Catalonia)


ciel du soir piriac sur mer

Evening sky near Piriac-sur-Mer (Pays de Guérande, Brittany)


sunset clouds

Sunset clouds between the trees


sunset and winter mist

Sunset in winter : mist in the trees


sunset la mora catalonia

Panorama of a sunset at La Mora (Catalonia, Spain)


sunset fire in the sky

Fire in the sky


reflection of sunset light in the river

Sunset reflecting in the river Tech (Catalonia North)


swans sunset

Swans in the sunset near Finavara (near Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland)


red sunset clouds

Clouds on fire


sunset reflections river

Sunset reflecting in the river Tech (Catalonia North)


zoom sunset clouds

Zooming in on sunset clouds


sunset river

River ripples reflecting the sunset


sunrays through clouds

sun rays from Inch beach (Kerry, Ireland)


sunset blasket

Sunset from Blasket island (Kerry, Ireland)


sunset ireland

Sunset from Blasket island(Ireland)


blasket island sunset

Sunset from Blasket island (Ireland)


mekong sunset

On the shore of the Mekong, Luang Phrabang (Laos)
(see also a painting inspired from this photo)


volga sunset

Sunset on the Volga river, Nizhni-Nogvorod (Russia)
see a painting of this view here


stuttgart sunset

From my appartment window, Stuttgart (Germany)


coucher de soleil pic du midi

Eastern clouds illuminated up by the sunset at the Pic-du-Midi observatory


black sea sunset

Gelendjik : sunset over the Black sea (Russia)


see also more sunsets on page 2





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