Photos from Collsacabra

Collsacabra is a natural region of Catalonia. It's a plateau formed by a platform structure with cliffs. The name comes from the court of the castle of Cabrera, also known as 'Cabrerés'. The area has many waterfalls, forests and pretty villages.

collsacabra sallent vall

Val de Sallent


hawthorn flowers aubépine en fleur

Hawthorn flowers (see more photos of flowers)


rupit monestir sant joan de fabregues

Monestir de Sant Joan de Fabregues (near Rupit)


monastir sant joan de fabregues collsacabra

Monestir de Sant Joan de Fabregues from the distance


collsacabra rupit salt de sallent

Salt de Sallent (see more waterfalls photos)


casa rural collsacabra

Old farm amongst the hills in Collsacabra


rupit collsacabra

Calle en el pueblo de Rupit


colourful leaves autumn fall

Colourful leaves still in the trees since autumn


val de sau collsacabra avion

from the plane: Val de Sau Collsacabra





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