Photos from Sant Miquel del Fai

The monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai is a former Benedictine monastery located in the town of Riells. We don't know the exact date the the monastery was founded but in 1006 a community of monks was already installed. The monastery is located in a beautiful natural environment with a large waterfall and several caves.

panorama sant miquel del fai

Panorama of Sant Miquel del Fai : monastery, waterfalls and cliffs


sant miquel del fai monasterio saltant rossinyol

Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai and waterfall called 'saltant del Rossinyol'


valles riells del fai

Rosemary and gorse in full bloom along the path from Riells to San Miquel del Fai


ermita san miquel del fai

Roman style hermitage


cuevas caves sant miquel del fai

Reflections in a cave near the monastery


saltant del Tenes sant miquel del fai

The large waterfall of Sant Miquel del Fai called 'saltant del Tenes'


rosemary romarin fleur flower

Close-up on rosemary flowers


valles riells del fai

Rocks above the valley of Riells del Fai


casa de can ullar

Can Ullar farmhouse in the hills above Riells del Fai


paisaje montañas sant miquel del fai

Mountains near Riells del Fai in the evening light





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