Photos from Montseny

The Montseny (which in Catalan means something like 'Mount Signal' as can be seen from the sea) belongs to the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range. The vegetation is divided in successive levels. In the lower parts is a Mediterranean flora of pine forests. The mountainous area is more humid and forested, with beautiful colors in autumn. The upper parts have a sub-alpine climate.

montseny autumn colours in the trees

Bright autumn colours in the trees


footpath and autumn leaves on the forest floors

A carpet of autumn leaves on a forest footpath


ferns trees autumn montseny

Ferns and autumn colours


autumn fallen leaves

Fallen leaves


montseny waterfall

a small waterfall


tree shadows autumn leaves

Tree shadows on the forest floor


pine tree yellow autumn montseny national park

Rays of autumn gold from a pine tree


autumn colours tree montseny

Autumn colours


montseny village stone church

Stone chapel of Montseny village


winter trees silhouettes

Silhouette of trees against the cloudy sky


montseny farm mountain slope

A farmhouse in the forest





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