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Gorg del torrent de la cabana

Els Gorgs de la Cabana (Campdevanol)


pireneos desde el avion

Pyrenees from the plane - Pireneos desde el avion


castell de burriac

Castell de Burriac (Cabrera de Mar, Maresme)


caldes de montbui

Roman baths in Caldes de Montbui


montenegre maresme otoño

Autumn colours in the hills called "Montenegre" in the Maresme, north of Barcelona


Waikiki beach sunset puesta del sol

Clouds lit by the sunset over the beach Waikiki near La Mora


embalse camarasa

Embalse de Camarasa


parque garaff arco natural de bruguers

Natural stone arch called 'Arco natural de Bruguers' (Garraf)


dolmen de la cova d'en daina

Panoramic view of the Dolmen de la Cova d'en Daina (near Romanyá de la Selva)
See also more photos of dolmens, menhirs and sacred stones in Brittany


mura catalonia iglesia

Saint Martin's church in Mura (Sant Llorenç i l'Obac Natural Park)


mura pueblo

Village of Mura


val de sau collsacabra avion

from the plane: Val de Sau Collsacabra


la mora panorama puesta del sol

Sunset panorama (La Mora)


girona catalonya

Girona : the river front


girona arcades

Arcades (Girona)


sant joan de les abadesses

The old bridge (Pont Vell) in Sant Joan de les Abadesses



Sitges : the village



the beach at Sitges





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