Photos from Catalonia : fiesta de Gracia

The residents of Gracia put in a lot of work to decorate the streets, using essentially recycled material like empty bottles or tins. Their creativity and imagination are amazing, and each street has a different theme. There are also many events like parades (correfocs), concerts, human castles (castellers) and workshops.

15-23 / 08 / 2010

carrer providencia gracia

Carrer Providencia


fiesta de gracia 2010 joan blanques

Carrer Joan Blanques

15-23 / 08 / 2009

correfoc infantil festa de gracia correfoc infantil fiesta de gracia>
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"Fire run" parades called "correfocs" in catalan : a loud and smoky time for all !!


plaça vila de gracia fuegos correfocs

Loads of fireworks are lit up at once at the end of the correfocs parade (Pl. Vila de Gracia)



Correfoc by night


claddagh ring dancers irish ceili

Demonstration of Irish dancing by the Claddagh Ring Dancers (carrer de Mozart)


castellers de gracia castellers de gracia
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Castellers de Gracia on Plaça de la Vila de Gracia


carrer de la fraternitat gracia barcelona fiesta

Carrer de la Fraternitat : theme astronomy


calle libertad gracia barcelona carrer de la libertat gracia
C/ Libertat (theme : Japan) C/ Libertat (close-up on paper birds)


concert buritaca plaza del sol fiesta de gracia

Concert de Buritaca (Colombia)
Plaza del Sol (Plaça del Folk i de la Interculturalitat)


carrer del progres festa de gracia

Carrer del Progrès


gracia festa carrer joan blanques noche

Carrer Joan Blanques by night : tins and mesh


calle joan blanques fiesta de gracia 2009

Carrer Joan Blanques by day


carrer joan blanques festa de gracia

Carrer Joan Blanques : bottles with died water lit up with a neon tube


carrer joan blanques festa gracia calle joan blanques fiesta gracia
C/ Joan Blanques C/ Joan Blanques


carrer garnit joan blanques festa de gracia

one of many simple but beautiful details in the street decoration of Calle Joan Blanques


carrer joan blanques gracia fiesta barcelona

Carrer Joan Blanques


carrer berga barcelona fiesta gracia

Carrer de Berga : school theme


carrer de verdi gracia street decoration

Carrer de Verdi : medieval theme


carrer bruniquer gracia barcelona

Carrer Bruniquer


plaza villa de gracia fiesta rius y taulet

Plaza de la Vila de Gracia


gracia barcelona carrer providencia festival street

Carrer de Providencia : Halloween Theme





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