Photos from Italy : cities

Italian architecture is very diverse, including many styles (romanesque, renaissance, gothic, baroque) and many different periods. There are also many regional influences. Visitors will enjoy the beauty of cities like Lucca, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Milan or Venice thanks to their unique heritage and history.

lucca piazza

Lucca : Piazza dell'Anfiteatro seen through archway


lucca italy

Lucca rooftops


pisa leaning tower

Pisa : the leaning tower


venice grand canal

Venezia (Venice) : the Grand Canal

Venice San Marco Cathedral

Venezia : San Marco
(see more photos by night here, cliquez ici pour d'autres photos de nuit)


bologna italy

Bologna rooftops from the top of Asinelli tower


via romana

Bologna : from the top of Asinelli tower
This street was a roman road before


bologna portico

Bologna : a 'portico' (covered walkway)


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Italy was part of the 2000-2001 trip

Old Lira banknotes / billets de banque
détails sur le voyage pour 2000
détails sur le voyage pour 2001


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