Photos from Mongolia
Монгол улс

Mongolia is a vast country, mainly covered by steppe whose aridity increases towards the Gobi Desert in the south. The main religion is Tibetan Buddhism, and many beautiful monasteries still exist despite the destruction during the communist era. Mongolians are traditionally nomadic or semi-nomadic, moving with their herds according to season and living in yurts. Their hospitality is legendary.

Gandan Temple

Gandan temple in Ulan-Bator


ulan-bator zaisan memorial

Ulan-Bator : overlooking the city, the Zaisan memorial was built during the Soviet era,
to commemorate the friendship and cooperation of the USSR and Mongolia


Host family in the Gobi

With a nomad family in the Gobi


mongolia steppe yurts snow winter

Yurts in the snow covered steppe (this was in October, just the beginning of winter!)


buddhist painting

Buddhist deity (wall painting) - more photos with stamps


mongolia piste dirt road gobi desert

A dirt track in the Gobi desert


Sangdiin Dalai

The monastery of Sangdiin Dalai


mongolia steppe

Typical landscape in Mongolia


gobi desert camels

Wild camels in the Gobi desert (see more animals photos)


Mongolia was part of the 2000-2001 trip

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