Photos from Poland

The region of present-day Poland was occupied in the sixth century BC by the Lechites, a Slavic people divided into several tribes, including the Polans (which comes from 'pole': field). The union of the tribes by the Poles gave birth to the Polish state in the mid-tenth century. Despite the destruction of the 2nd World War, visitors can still admire the Central Square of Warsaw, which was rebuilt and the historic cities of Torun and Gdansk. Near the border with Belarus is the National Park of Białowieża, with the only remnant of the European primeval forest.

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warsaw old square

The old square in Warsaw (reconstructed after world war II)


torun poland

Torun : view from the Ratusz tower of the City Hall


gdansk shipyards

Shipyards in Gdansk at sunset (more sunset photos)


gdansk old harbour

Gdansk old harbour
(more reflections photos - and photos by night)


Bialowieza forest

Bialowieza Nat. Park (near the Belarus border)


Bialowieza national park

Bialowesia Nat. Park : forest untouched by human influence
such primitive forest used to cover most of Europe



Malbork castle
(more photos of castles)


See also more photos from 1997 (Krakow) and photos from 2005


Poland was part of the 2000-2001 trip

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