Photos from China (South-West)

This part of China is extremely diverse. There are many different minorities such as the Dong, Naxi, Dai and Miao people, each with their own culture, architecture, language and traditional dress. The scenery is equally rich, as one can travel from deep gorges in the high mountains in the North of Yunnan to the karst landscape near Yangshuo and Guilin, or to the rice fields of tropical Xishuangbanna.

Tiger Leaping Gorge / Gorge du Saut du Tigre

The Tiger Leaping Gorge (Yunnan)
see also a painting from this photo


chenyang bridge

Dong Minority Bridge of "rain and wind", near Chenyang, Guizhou province
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rice terrasses

Flooded terrassed fields in Guizhou province


hong kong victoria harbour

Hong-Kong : view across Victoria Harbour at night
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dai temple

Dai bouddhist temple in Xishuangbanna region, Yunnan province



Karst landscape, Yangshuo (Guangxi Province)
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rice field

Terrassed fields near Longsheng (Guangxi Province)


xishuangbanna river bridge

Suspension bridge in (Xishuangbanna, Yunnan)
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chongan mouth organ players

At a market in Chongan, players of mouth organ


traditional buddhist temple


Taijiquan (Taichi) in front of a chinese buddhist temple (Yunnan Province)



Tea covered slopes in Yunnan


chinese newyear in china

Chinese New Year in Tonghai (Yunnan)
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ruili china banyan tree

Near Ruili (Yunnan) : a banyan tree "one tree makes a forest"


3 pagoda dali

Yunnan Province : Dali (The Three Pagodas)
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Mengma xishuangbanna yunnan waterfall

Waterfall near Mengma (Xishuangbanna, Yunnan)
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lijiang hotel

Courtyard of the hotel, in traditional Naxi style (Lijiang)


South West China was part of the 2000-2001 trip

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