Photos from Xinjiang

Xinjiang is the most westerly province of China and literally means 'New Frontier', a name given during the Qing Dynasty. It is home to a number of different ethnic groups, including the Uyghur. Because the Uyghur speak a turkic language, the region is also known as Chinese- or East-Turkestan (East, compared to other Turkic nations). A large part of Xinjiang is occupied by the Taklamakan desert, surrounded by oasis towns like Kutcha, Turpan, Kashgar. These cities and the fields around get their water from the nearby mountains ranges (for example the Pamir and the Tianshan mountains).


Dunhuang : sand-dune on the fringes of the oasis
(although administratively in Gansu province,
it is very close to Xinjiang so I feature this photo on this page)



Mosque in Turpan : the historical capital of the Uyghurs


turpan horse drawn cart

Turpan : street life


turpan minaret

The afghan style minaret near Turpan


Kashgar street

Uyghur kids in the old traditional part of Kashgar


kashgar market

Melons and pasteques at the market in Kashgar


kashgar market

Market day in Kashgar : the "parking lot"


nan bread

Making of nan-bread


Karakul lake

Karakul Lake (alt. 3600 m) in the Pamir (my favorite view of the whole trip)



The Mustagata mountain reflecting in Karakul lake
(see more reflection photos and a full panorama)


Xinjiang was part of the 2000-2001 trip

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