Photos from northern Iran
عکس ها از ایران

The north of Iran is very different from the rest of the country : the landscape is more mountainous, in some parts very green, and it is home to non-persian ethnic groups such as the Azeri in the west around Tabriz and the Turkmen in the area near Gonbad. Tehran may not be the most beautiful city in Iran, but it does have a number of interesting sights such as the Palaces of Niyavaran and Golestan and the nearby mausoleum of Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim in Rey. A little further south is the beautiful town of Kashan.

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Tabriz Elgoli park

Tabriz : Elgoli park
(see more night photos and more photos with reflection)


traditional iranian restaurant

Zanjan : traditional restaurant "Karavansara Sangi" with live music


Azadi monument

Teheran : Azadi ("freedom") monument


Golestan Palace

Teheran : Golestan Palace



Just north of Teheran : Darband


Niyavaran Palace

Teheran : Niyavaran Palace, the office of the Shah



on the slopes of Mount Damavand (5671 m)


Kashan Tradional house

Kashan : Tradional house "Khan-e Tabatabei"
(more reflection photos)


Kashan bazaar

Kashan : bazaar roof



Kashan : street and mosque (Imamzadeh-ye Sultan Mir Ahmad)


kashan bazaar

Kashan : bazaar interior


Rey mausoleum

Rey : mausoleum Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim


Mojan village

Mojan village near Sharood


Near Sharood : on top of the jeep with friends from Sharood
during the day out in the mountains


rice fields iran

Rice fields
Thailand ?... no, it's along the Caspian sea in the North of Iran (near Gorgan)


North of Iran

Tuscany ?... no, it's also in the North of Iran


Gonbad-e Kavus

Shrine near Gonbad-e Kavus


turkmen yurt

near Gonbad : at a Kara Oy ("black house", traditional turkmen yurt)
with my friends from Gonbad


mashhad Imam Reza shrine

Mashhad : shrine of Imam Reza


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