Photos from Russia (trip 2005)
Фотографии из России

Russia has much to offer in terms of culture and architecture, as trip revealed when going from the Tatar heritage of Kazan, to the gilded domes of the orthodox churches of Nizhni Novgorod, to Stalinist architecture in Moscow and to the Buddhist Tibetan temples in Elista. Whilst Volgograd was essentially destroyed during World War II, there are interesting museums and monuments to commemorate the heroic fight of Soviet troops against the Nazis.

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and more photos from 2000 (Golden Ring and Trans-Siberian)


russia train

From the train between the Kazakh border and Samara
Вид с поезда по маршруту "Казахстан-Самара"


Samara train station

Samara : the train station - Самара : вокзал


Kazan Tatar mosque in the Kreml

Kazan : the Tatar mosque in the Kreml


Kazan orthodox church

Kazan (Казань): interior of an orthodox church


Kazan mosque

Kazan (Казань): the Tatar mosque at dusk
(more night photos)

tatar mosque

Kazan (Казань): another Tatar mosque


kazan kremlin

Kazan (Казань): the Kremlin at night
(see more night photos and more panoramic photos)


Nizhni-NovgorodLenin Square

Nizhni-Novgorod (Нижний Новгород): Lenin Square(Площадь Ленина)
(more statues of Lenin)


Nizhni-Novgorod monastery

Nizhni-Novgorod (Нижний Новгород) : the monastery (Монастыр)



Nizhni-Novgorod (Нижний Новгород): the church of the Nativity of the Virgin


sunset on the volga

Nizhni-Novgorod (Нижний Новгород) : sunset on the Volga river - Закат на Волге
(see a painting from this photo and more sunsets)


Moskva river

Moscow (Москва): the Kremlin and the Moskva river


Stalinist architecture

Moscow (Москва) : Stalinist architecture


Volgograd (Волгоград): with friends in front of the Statue of the Motherland ( Родина-мать)
(more photos of statues)


Stalingrad war heroes

Volgograd (Волгоград): Memorial to the Stalingrad war heroes



Volgograd (Волгоград): the only building that remained standing standing
at the end of the Stalingrad battle.



Elista: capital of the of Kalmykia Republic (Республика Калмыкия)
(the Kalmyk people are related to the Buryat and are tibetan buddhist)


Elista buddhist temple

Elista (Элиста) : tibetan buddhist temple (Khuruna)


elista tibetan temple

Elista (Элиста): interior of the tibetan buddhist temple (Khuruna)



Gelendjik (Гелеиджик): the Black sea (Черное Море)



Gelendjik (Гелеиджик) : sunset over the Black sea


see also more photos from 1999 (Moscow and St Petersburg)
and more photos from 2000 (Golden Ring and Trans-Siberian)


Russia was part of the 2005 trip

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