Photos from north-eastern Turkey

I flew from Istanbul to the North-East of Turkey, which is much less visited than the southern shores, but holds many surprises. I started in Erzurum, which has many ancient buildings from mosques to tombs to medressas. Next, I travelled to the Black Sea coastal valleys of Sumela and Uzungol, near Trabzon. Finally, I had a very pleasant stay in the Georgian valley of Bahral.

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Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque at night - Istanbul
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All the photos below are from the North-East of Turkey


Erzurum madrasa

Erzurum : Çifte Minaret Madrasa



Erzurum : celebrations
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Trabzon aya sofia

Trabzon : Aya Sofia byzantine church


Sumela greek monastery

Sumela : ruins of a greek monastery on a cliff side



Uzungol : the lake was being "reshaped" with bulldozers



The upper Bahral valley with cherry trees in bloom


village in the steppe

Small village in the steppe


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Turkey was the start of the 2005 trip

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