Photos from Ukraine (Україна)

In the 9th century, modern-day Ukraine was populated by Slavic tribes. A state called 'Kievan Rus' was founded by Rus people (Varangians, who were Vikings). They first settled around Ladoga and Novgorod, then gradually moved southward eventually reaching Kiev about 880. In the following centuries, it laid the foundation for the national identity of Ukrainians and Russians. Kiev is therefore one of the oldest cities in Europe and has some of the finest architecture. Equally beautiful is Crimea, famous for its superb coastline and its history.


Koktebel near Feodosyia : volcanic cliffs



Yalta : the sea front


Yalta church

Yalta : church


Livadia Palace

Yalta : Livadia Palace


yalta conference

Yalta : Livadia Palace (where the 1945 Yalta conferencec took place)


Ai Petri

Ai Petri : looking down on the coast from 1200 m above sea level


Lastochkino Gnezdocastle

Lastochkino Gnezdo (now an italian restaurant)



Sevastopol : memorial to scuttled ships (more night photos)


Sevastopol harbour

Sevastopol : the harbour



Balaklava : sunset over the harbour (more sunsets)


Balaklava castle

Balaklava : the coast


Balaklava beach

Balaklava : small beach



Bakhchisarai : the tatar Khan's palace (note how the turkish style of the minarets)


Bakhchisarai monastery

Near Bakhchisarai : monastery carved into the cliff


Odessa opera

Odessa : the opera


Potemkin steps

Odessa : the Potemkin steps


Kiev river

Kiev : river Dnipro and the Pishoknidny Bridge
(more bridges photos)


kiev demonstration

Kiev : On Maydan Nezalezhnosty (Independence Sq.). Demonstration of people
from the communist party and of supporters of the russian language. They consider
it is fascist to impose only Ukrainian while many people in the country are Russian speakers.


Maydan Nezalezhnosty

Kiev : Maydan Nezalezhnosty (Independence Sq.) at night (see more night photos)


St Sophia cathedral

Kiev : golden domes of St Sophia cathedral


Lavra monastery

Kiev : Lavra monastery, Uspensky cathedral


kiev statue of the motherland

Kiev : Motherland statue at the memorial complex of the 1941-1945 war
(more photos of statues)


Lviv street

Lvov / Lviv : street of the old town


Ukraine was part of the 2005 trip

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