Construction of a telescope

My current telescope (114/1000 Newton) was offered to me by my parents in 1986, on the occasion of comet Halley: a small pale blur, but I had seen nonetheless. The optical characteristics of this telescope only make it possible to clearly observe the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn because it is not bright enough. That said, it is always a pleasure. For a long time I wanted a brighter telescope. And now I have a clear horizon, orientation to the south, no light pollution and time on my hands. I also enjoy making things myself. These are the conditions that triggered the project. I opted for a 300 mm diameter (any larger and the mirror becomes too heavy). These pages describe the progress of this ambitious and long project.


1. Feasibility
2. Mirror
3. Tube
4. Mount
5. Collimation
6. Motorisation
7. Tracking
8. Photography



  Telescope construction
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