Photos of deserts from various countries

maroc merzouga

Sand dunes of the Sahara desert near Merzouga (Morocco)


kazakhstan desert

Desert along the train track between Turkestan and Aralsk (Kazakhstan)


aral sea

Desert where the Aral Sea used to be (Kazakhstan)


karakum turkmenistan

Small settlement in the Karakum desert (Turkmenistan)


karakum desert road

Along the road across the Karakum desert (Turkmenistan)


karakum desert

Tracks in the sand - Karakum desert (Turkmenistan)


kyzylkum uzbekistan

Yurts in the Kyzyl-Kum desert in Uzbekistan


death valley

Death Valley (California, USA)


camels gobi desert

Wild bactrian camels in the Gobi desert (Mongolia)


yurt gobi mongolia

Yurt in the Gobi desert (Mongolia)





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