Bau eines Teleskops:

1. Machbarkeitsstudie

Sein eigenes Teleskop zu machen, ist ein ehrgeiziges Projekt. Wie jedes große Projekt, ist es wichtig sicherzustellen, dass das Ziel in Reichweite ist. Es is wichtig, zuerst viel um das Thema zu lesen und lernen. Diese Seite (auf English) fasst die Überlegungen, bevor sie sich in Betracht gezogen werden.



start : dec. 2013
completed : jan. 2014



It is always great to learn new skills but it helps to have some basis in the following areas:
- DIY skills in particular working with wood
- some basic knowledge in the field of optics
- electronics and IT (if you intend to set up motorisation and guiding for astrophotography)
- patience, loads of it ...



The following Materials will be required. Most can be obtained second hand or bought new:
- wood (for the telescope tube, mount and polishing table) can be found at local companies who allow people to pick up their used or broken wooden crates. Also, plywood can be found on a French second-hand website ( or for small pieces at DIY stores as scrap. The parents' attics is a great source of material too !
- screws, bolts, epoxy, tiles, plaster (for the mirror preparation) can be purchased online or from the local DIY store.
- the raw glass disk (mirror to be) can be bought online from the French website mirro-sphere
- abrasives can be obtained via the Association d'Astronomie de Rennes (SAR)
- specific metal parts, if necessary, can be tailor-made (brother-in-law)


1.3 TIME

I have no time constraints : the project will take whatever time it requires, most likely one or two years.



No-one is born with the know-how to make a telescope. Such a project would be very difficult if not impossible alone. Many websites offer a lot of great advice but nothing equals a face to face discussion with someone who has experience. This is why I decided to join the Société d'Astronomie de Rennes (SAR), which includes a group involved in mirror polishing. They meet every 1st Saturday of the month. Their support and their know-how will help me acquire the skills and knowledge needed to go through the many steps of this project.



Making your own telescope is not necessarily cheaper than buying new. Saving money is therefore not a motivation in this project. It is useful to make a rough estimation of the main costs :
- raw glass disk : 200 euros
- eye-pieces : 200 euros
- tools (vis, boulons, epoxy, carrelage, plâtre etc...) : 100 euros
- SAR subscription : 40 euros
- wood : moins de 30 euros
These costs will be spread over the whole duration of the project. Not estimated here are optional costs related to motorisation, tracking and photography.



Yes I can !




  Teleskop Bau
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