Photos of flowers (1)

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cerisers fleurs cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms


yellow flowers in meadow

Yellow flowers in a meadow


white tulips - tulipes blanches

White tulips


plates bandes de fleurs coet navalen sulniac

Flowers / Fleurs / Blumen / Flores - Coët Navalen, Sulniac (Brittany - Bretagne)


costa brava flowers pals

Flower in the village of Pals, on the Costa Brava (Catalonia)



Waterlily with a frog in a pond at the Parc de la Universitad de Barcelona


lavender field provence france

Field of lavender in Provence (France)


hawthorn aubepine flowers

Hawthorn (aubépine) - Catalonia


sunflower field in france  provence

Field of sunflowers in Provence (France)


flower rhododendron

Close-up on a rhodendron flower


arum flower and insect

Close-up on a arum flower
A small insect is wondering if it should go further down towards the center or not ...


small pink flower

A small pink flower


flower symmetry

Close-up symmetry


flower macro camelia

Macro on bright pink camelia flower


costa brava flowers

Flowers against the sparkling background of the sea (Costa Brava, Spain)


fleur de romarin - rosemary flowers

Rosemary flowers (Catalonia)


mimosa flowers

Mimosa tree in full bloom (France)


lotus flower

Lotus flower (France)



Close-up on gorse in full bloom (Ireland)


easter cactus

Easter cactus flower

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