Fotos de aves de muchos países

magpie pie

Magpie / Pie


woodpecker pic-vert

Woodpecker / Pic-vert


egret on a lake

White egret on Lake Grandlieu, Pays de Retz, Brittany (France)


whitehead eagle aigle tete blanche

White Head eagle - Aigle à tête blanche
(Peyrepertuse, Corbières, France)


peacock display tail feather

Peacock displaying its tail feathers


goeland en vol

Seagull in flight above the waves (Brittany)


heron on a small boat

Heron on a small boat (Brittany)



A monk parakeet or quaker parrot near la Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
The first birds arrived from Latin America as pets in the 1970s.
Owners got tired of their chirping and released them. [more info]


swallows hirondelles

Swallow chicks on a wire waiting for parent swallows to come to feed them (Brittany)


goeland seagull

Seagull (Goéland)



"Le Héron

au long bec


d'un long cou


Jean de La Fontaine, Fable V, Livre VII.



Diving duck, Connemara (Ireland)


swan in galway

Swan in Galway (Ireland)


canard col-vert

a proud green-neck duck



Swan in Kinsale Harbour (Ireland)



Ganet off Sheep's Head Peninsula (Ireland)
see a painting from this photo





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