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The name of Turkey in the Turkish language: Türkiye, can be divided into two components: Türk, which means 'strong, mighty' in Old Turkic and and the suffix -iye meaning 'land of'. The Anatolian peninsula, comprising most of modern Turkey, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world. It has therefore an amazing heritage from many Empires and people who ruled at various points in history, like the Hittites, the Greeks, the Seljuk, the Ottomans and many more.

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sea of marmara

Istanbul : local guy diving from a shipwreck


fetiye sunset

Sunset on the coast near Fetiye



Cappadocia : Ortishar



Amasra, on the Black Sea coast


Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat from Dogubeyazit


Ishak Pasa Sarayi near Doyubeyazit

The citadel and mosque of Ishak Pasa Sarayi near Doyubeyazit
(more castles and citadels this this gallery)


Sanli Urfa

Sanli Urfa : Halil Rahman Mosque in Sanli Urfa
(this town claims to be the birth place of the prophet Abraham and many pilgrims come here



The "Door of the Kings" in the ruins of the Hittites capital Hattusa
now near Bogazköy in Central Anatolia






Carving of Hercules shaking hand with the king of Arsamenia, Mithradates
near the Nemrut mountain (the area is rich in archeological remains)



Limestone pools of Pamukkale
(similar terrassed pools can be found at Bai Shui Tai, Tibet)



Amphitheatre of Hierapolis (Greek for 'holy city')


side turkey

Roman ruins in Side : the Temple of Apollo


See also photos from North-Eastern Turkey, 2005


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