Photos from Greece

Greece was the first area in Europe where advanced early civilizations emerged. Today, the heritage from these ancient times is very impressive. The many visitors to Greece also come to admire the beautiful islands like Santorini, Naxos, Paros, where the white houses contrast with the blue of the sea and the sky.

meteora monasteries

Meteora : in the middle ages, monks built monasteries (see on the left)
on top of the peaks to protect themselves from pillagers.



Santorini (Thira)


sunset santorini

Sunset from Santorini



Gate to a small church on Santorini island



Rhodos : the harbour and medieval city walls


naxos island

Paros harbour in the evening


paros sunset

Sunset on Paros island



Naoussa, Paros Island



Street of Naoussa (Paros)


greek island naxos

Naxos island : white village overlooking the sea



on Samos island


Greece was part of the 2000-2001 trip

details about the trip for 2000
details about the trip for 2001

détails sur le voyage pour 2000
détails sur le voyage pour 2001


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