Photos from Italy

Linguists think that the name 'Italy' comes from ancient Oscan V═TELI┌, meaning 'land of young cattle', as Italy was a land rich in cattle since ancient times. Italian history goes back to the 9th century BC, thanks to the earliest accounts of Italic tribes : the Oscans, Umbrians and Latins. Later the Latin culture became dominant, as Rome emerged around 350 BC.

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Florence ponte vecchio

Firenze (Florence) : Ponte Vecchio
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florence rooftops

Florence : rooftops seen from the top of the Duomo


roman theatre fiesole

Fiesole (near Florence) : roman theatre


florence 24th June celebratioins

Parade with medieval costumes on the 24th of June, Florence
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florence duomo boboli

Firenze (Florence) : Duomo from the Boboli gardens



Positano (near Napoli)


etna lava flow

Lava flow on the Etna



Beach of black volcanic sand on Stromboli island
(the volcano summit is just about visible in the mist)


vulcano sulfur deposit

Vulcano: sulfur deposits



Flowery house on Panarea island





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